• Team Training

    Team Training

    Off or On Season Sports and Team Training. Your training should always consider: Your SPORT         Your NATURAL SKILLs Your STRENGTHs & Your WEAKNESSes Your POSITION on the TEAM The RIGHT GOALS to ADVANCE USING the safest, most effective     Training & Exercises Group Rates (per person)   8 sessions   $27     $30/hr

  • Reward Your Finish!

    Reward Your Finish!

    Submit Your Finished Race Results from an official Run, Walk, Relay, Biathlon or Triathlon. For your Chance to Win! Contest draw will be made after Winkler’s Thanks For Giving Half Marathon in October.

  • Fitness and Nutrition Packages

    Fitness and Nutrition Packages

    Fitness and Nutrition go Hand in Hand! Get Both Personal Fitness training and Nutrition information and counselling from your Fittwell Trainers. All Fittwell Centre Certified Trainers have reputable Nutrition Education to help you get the most of your sessions! The Best and most balanced results include it all! Email candice.fittwell@gmail.com or Call 204-822-3573 to book