• 10 Tips For Eating Clean




    10 tips for eating clean

    1. Approach your meals as a lifestyle:  Learn new recipes, integrate new food regularly and be realistic about changes you make (start small)
    2. Load up on fresh vegetables and fruits: Vegetable especially make your dietary system healthier and work better. Nutrient dense food is satisfying for your body.
    3. Shop the Perimeter of the Grocery Store: In most stores all fresh and less processed foods are located along the edge of the store. Almost everything you need will be there
    4. Avoid Added Sugars:  cutting down on sugar will help you crave it a lot less.
    5. Drink More Water: Keeping your body hydrated can help you lose weight and it feeds your muscles. Hydrated muscles perform at a  higher level.
    6. Sit Down:  You need to make time for these changes so sit down to meal whenever you can. This means schedule the time to eat.
    7. Balance your Diet: Make sure you have  a healthy balance of carbs,  fats, and proteins. Also be aware of  portion sizes. (if you are unsure of how to get started and would like help please feel free to contact us at fittwellcentre@gmail.com)
    8. Use Healthy Flour Substitutes: whole wheat flour, coconut flour or almond flour. Different flours have different nutritional benefits. look them up and see which might work better for you.
    9. Don’t Eat Foods With Ingredients You Can’t Pronounce: If you can’t pronounce it, your body probably can’t properly digest it. the fewer ingredients the better.
    10. Focus on Nutrients Not Just Calories: Don’t get too caught up in counting the calories.  Getting proper nutrients is far more important to overall health than simple caloric balance.

    For more in depth information for each point visit : Bodybuilding.com

    Article Courtesy of Candice